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What is HOBloom?

HOBloom is an open source project by HighTek. It is a fully modular, inexpensive and highly effective automation solution for grow rooms of any size. The base unit comes with the main controller as well as a sensor for reading the current temperature and humidity. The main system comes the web interface to setup, manage and monitor your grow room.


  • Monitor temperature and humidity
  • Send alerts via text message and/or email if fire is detected in your room
  • Automatic logging of environment variables and appliance status
  • Control A/C's, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, intake fans, exhaust fans, heaters, and lights
  • Tweak your environment to the optimal settings for your plants
  • Control minimum and maximum heat and humidity thresholds
  • Modular sensors making the system easy to scale while keeping the cost as low as possible
  • Only buy the modules you need allowing for full customization of the system
  • Web dashboard not only works great for monitoring your room but also has a full set of features to make adding or removing appliances and sensors simple
  • Smart outlets allow for cheap control over all your lights and appliances
  • Dashboard can be viewed from any device with a web browser
  • Fits any room of any size from a small tent to a large greenhouse

System Info



Main dashboard

Basic dash.jpg

Main dashboard with more appliances installed. Blue icons indicate an appliance is running while red icons indicate the power to that appliance is off

Basic dash2.png

Adding an appliance

Basic dash add appliance.png

Changing light timing

Basic dash change timer.png